The prices of our cottages means that you are able to get great value for what you are paying, and get to gain some great memories. Below are the prices for both of our cottages; Scrumpy and Trewenna. Please be aware that when looking at both the cottages and booking one that Scrumpy can only sleep 6 + cot whereas Trewenna can sleep 9 + cot. When booking for a large party please do keep this is in mind and choose the right cottage for you and your party.

Scrumpy cottage £665 - £1695

Trewenna cottage £1000 - £2640

There also can be additional costs on top of the prices above, an example of an additional cost is the hot tub usage, £30 for 1 hour, £50 for 3 hours, £100 for the the week. Only you and your party would have access to the hot tub for the time period you have paid for.